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February 28, 2011
Independent Coffee Shops & Twitter
July 9, 2011

Much to my Wife’s annoyance, I have to evaluate and comment on everybody else’s coffee, not always bad but mostly. We were in the 19th hole at the Belfry for a spot of dinner the other night and I noticed their coffee equipment a Spazaile Compact S5 and a Fracino grinder. The equipment itself was not the issue but closer inspection showed the steam wands and hot water outlet were all covered in the limescaly white covering you get when they are not cleaned properly. This shows bad hygiene, but more importantly, bad training. You know if the staff have not been trained to clean the wands after every coffee, then they have not be trained how to make coffee to any standard.

The next observation was pre-ground coffee in the hopper that had been there for the 1hr plus we had been sat in there, and I would guess probably days. This again shows not only lack of understanding of what happens to coffee once it is ground and left to air and moisture but shows no-one there has a love for coffee.

The final nail in the coffin is the price. £3.95 for a large Latte made by an unloving, untrained bar person? No thank you. And whose coffee do they use? Costa, that’s the quickest way to devalue a brand.

That’s exactly the reason to date we have not sold our coffee to any other retail outlets. We wouldn’t be able to control the quality of the coffee, and that would reflect badly on us.