Choosing the look feel of your coffee shop

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July 7, 2010
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July 7, 2010

So the first job when thinking about starting a coffee shop is what do you want its look and feel to be. If you wanted to be more business like about it you would ask what is the brand going to look like and stand for.

So look around other retail outlets and you will see clear brand differences. Take supermarkets, you have the lower end brands like Aldi Liddle, you have the mid range like Sainsburys Tesco and you have the up market like Waitrose and Marks Spencer. Each supermarket has a different price point, different way of talking to its customers, different look and feel. Thats because they have a different customer type, a Waitrose customer earns 40k plus a year and drives something like a BMW, where as a Liddle customer is a low income earner and arrives by public transport.

Knowing the customer type you want to attract is all important and will drive everything else you do with your business because after all they are the ones that will pay your wages.

So decide will your coffee shop be aimed at low, middle, or upper level earners. Urban Coffee is aimed at upper level earners and more specifically business people. Starbucks is aimed at middle to upper level earners.

You need to decide this before you think about location, furniture, coffee shop name etc.