How do you negotiate for a Coffee shop location?
July 10, 2010
Coffee Roasters
September 4, 2010

Coffee cups are NOT a last minute decision they are an important part of the look and feel of your place. Make sure you spend some time sourcing cups that fit with your brand and that will last. Your customers spend more time with your cups than they do with your staff so they must continue to sell your brand.

Cups will cost you approx £3 with a saucer (depending on size) so will not break the bank, but only buy what you need to get started with. If you need more you can order additional cups and they are with you in a couple of days. So my advice is buy the minimum to get started of each size to keep your startup costs down.

Also be prepared for a couple of cups to be broken each month, factor this into your costs.

There is also a trend towards larger cups which is mostly being led by the high street coffee shops, you rarely get a better coffee with a bigger cup. Stay with the smaller cups 4oz, 8oz, 12oz to delivery quality coffee. We buy our cups from and can highly recommend the team at Quickfire Tableware.