Do you have the beans for coffee?

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June 3, 1999
Choosing the look feel of your coffee shop
July 7, 2010

Lots of people dream of opening up their own cafe or coffee shop, they imagine this idilic life dealing with great food, great drinks and great people. The reality is somewhat different, its hard work lots of hard work. Above all its a business first and you have to understand that, unless you treat it like a business it will end up costing you money to run it. If a lifestyle business is what you are looking for then a coffee shop will probably not do it, the average income from an owner manager is £20,0000 for 60+ hours a week. At that rate you will be paying yourself less than minimum wage with little chance of increasing it.

So before you decide on starting your own coffee shop you need to consider the following factors:

1- Can I work long hours week after week
2- Can I have few or no holidays
3- Can I survive on £20,000 or less per year (before tax)
4- Do I have the skills to run the business (finance, HR, marketing, sales)
5- Do I have people who can support me emotionally (partner, family, friends)
6- Can you afford to loose the money your about to spend setting this business up?
7- Do you have a plan B

I know they all sound negative but better to plan ahead and enter into this with your eyes open, the honeymoon period ends very quickly. On the flip side lots of people each year ignore this advice and follow their dreams anyway, which is great news for you and me because they dont last long and they make our places look twice as good.