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March 27, 2011
Birmingham Coffee Scene
July 9, 2011

I did some quick research to see how Urban Coffee compared to other independent coffee shops in its use of twitter. Now I am not pretending this is an exhaustive list or search but it does cover the major independents across the UK. Here is the top 10 independent coffee shops by the number of twitter followers they have (as of today).

Company Twitter Location
Urban Coffee Company 2413 Birmingham
Kaffiene 2159 London
North Tea Power 2095 Manchester
Dose 1875 London
Coffee 1 1585 West of England
Nude Espresso 1544 London
Prufrock Coffee 1172 London
Tapped & Packed 979 London
Department of Coffee and Social Affairs 964 London
Taylor Street Baristas 769 London

This compares to the high street chains quite favourably as they have been slow to respond to Social Media with the acception of Starbucks.

Company Twitter
Starbucks 1546139
Costa 2903
Cafe Nero 0
Coffee Republic 0