Choosing the look feel of your coffee shop
July 7, 2010
How do you evaluate a potential coffee shop location?
July 10, 2010

Its an over used adage but its an important one in the coffee business. The first thing to note is people are lazy, they will often goto their nearest coffee shop rather than the best coffee shop. The high street chains have known this for a long time and hence have tried to put one on every corner.

I estimate that the average coffee shop attracts regular customers from no more than 100 metres away. That can even be reduced further if you have obstacles like a busy road they have to cross. You also have your passing footfall which is of particular value in shopping areas where people take the opportunity to rest while shopping. The last type of customer is the hardest to get but at the same time the most valuable, they are your destination customers, the ones that come straight to you.

So how do you go about finding a location?

Firstly you can only look for locations once you have decided on the brand. If you are going for mainly takeaway convenient coffee or your going for a very relaxed environment for meeting friends you will have different location requirements. So first decide this, Urban Coffee Company is aimed at business users and therefore we only looked in business areas of major cities.

Things to consider about your location is the number of days you can be open, the more days you can be open the more revenue and the better the rent/revenue ratio. So if your in a trading estate which is empty at the weekends you will only have 5 days per week on the other hand if you are on the high street you may have 7 days per week with the weekends being your best days.