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Thank you very much for spending time with us yesterday we both thoroughly enjoyed the course. The course was was very insightful and inspiring and has urged us even greater to do as it says in your final slide. ‘make it happen’. Thank you also for being so open about the figures that are set to be involved that really was very helpful

Will & Kay

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October 16, 2011

Does Social Media work – part 2

So in our last post we said we would look at further analysis based on the number of people visting the retail coffee outlet, and we […]
October 16, 2011

Does Social Media work for coffee shops?

There is a lot of buzz around social media at the moment and lots of businesses are trying to get their heads around how they use […]
September 24, 2011

Keynote Speech – Clueless but Caffeine powered

In Sept 2011 we were asked to give a keynote speech at The National Franchise Exhibition about our journey with Urban Coffee Co. The slides are […]
September 24, 2011

Birmingham Coffee Scene part 3

Another independent coffee/cafe closed its doors this week: “The 90 Day Cafe”. It opened in Sept 2010 so lasted a year, which was much longer than […]
August 7, 2011

The difficult 2nd album (emporium)

It was never a question of do we open a 2nd emporium it was always when, we had multiple emporiums in the business plan from day […]
July 19, 2011

Why coffee shops fail

Why do coffee shops fail? Lots of reasons but here are my top 3 reasons: 1- The owner/manager is not a business person and doesn’t get […]
July 19, 2011

Birmingham Coffee Scene Part 2

I spoke too soon. We lost another Independent last week which had been open for less than 12-months. So by my reckoning we have had 6 […]
July 9, 2011

Birmingham Coffee Scene

It was great to see another Independent Coffee shop open last week in Birmingham (Brewsmiths). When Urban Coffee launched 2 years ago there were 2 independent […]
July 9, 2011

Independent Coffee Shops & Twitter

I did some quick research to see how Urban Coffee compared to other independent coffee shops in its use of twitter. Now I am not pretending […]
March 27, 2011

Belfry: Golf yes, Coffee no

Much to my Wife’s annoyance, I have to evaluate and comment on everybody else’s coffee, not always bad but mostly. We were in the 19th hole […]