Coffee Shop Course

Thinking of starting a coffee shop or cafe and want to learn the business side then this course is for you.
A 1 day course that covers everything you will need to know to run your own coffee shop.
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Thank you very much for spending time with us yesterday we both thoroughly enjoyed the course. The course was was very insightful and inspiring and has urged us even greater to do as it says in your final slide. ‘make it happen’. Thank you also for being so open about the figures that are set to be involved that really was very helpful

Will & Kay


October 24, 2010

Designing the layout for your coffee shop

I have watched independent coffee shop owners go out and spend ten’s of thousands on consultants to design their new shop. Some of them look pretty […]
September 4, 2010

Coffee Roasters

You will need to find a good coffee roaster to supply you, we suggest you go directly to a roaster rather than a middle man. Try […]
September 4, 2010

Coffee Cups

Coffee cups are NOT a last minute decision they are an important part of the look and feel of your place. Make sure you spend some […]
July 10, 2010

How do you negotiate for a Coffee shop location?

Well firstly we knew nothing about commercial leases before we started looking and we kind of just picked it up along the way. You could use […]