Coffee Shops of Saigon, Vietnam
January 4, 2011
Hiring Baristas
January 23, 2011

We are still learning about sandwiches but here are the things we have learn’t so far:

1- A few sandwiches don’t sell you need to have lots

2- People buy with their eyes, so they must be able to see the filling

3- Packaging is important, go for something that looks home wrapped but clean. Don’t go for triangle sandwich cases leave that to the petrol stations.

4- If you have to buy them in then the margin is rubbish, you should try to make your own.

5- Be prepared for wastage you need to overstock to get people to buy but over time this will reduce.

Sandwiches are important to a UK coffee shop, people expect to be able to buy them and you could loose coffee trade without them. We have soken to people who have said we want to go to one place when we are on our lunch break and buy everything as we don’t have time to shop around.

We also spent some time asking customers what filling they would like in their sandwiches and responding by adopting the popular choices.