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Coffee training quiz

We put a lot of effort into training staff so they can make amazing coffees and it’s easy to assess their practical skills. The real test is do they understand and can they explain it coherently and confidently to customers.

If you specialise in coffee then your customers expect your staff to be able to answer questions about the coffee – where it’s from, how it’s roasted etc.

The Coffee Quiz?

Teaching is one thing but remembering is quite another and there are aspects of the green bean to cup journey you often can’t show your baristas. So this need to be done via telling, video’s and if possible visits to your roasters and coffee plantations (a bit tricky in the UK). A quiz provides a great way of confirming that a barista has picked up the knowledge they need to confidently answer customer questions about your coffee.

Have a try of our level 1 coffee quiz, test your knowledge.


The BEANS app includes the quiz module as part of its People Management features. Create a quiz for your Barista training programme.

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