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December 31, 2011
Barista Pay
January 28, 2012

I walk pass the same cafe every morning on my way into work, it’s been open about four months now. According to the sign on the door they open at 8:00am, Monday to Friday, however I walk by at 8:30am and its hardly ever open. Some mornings the lights are on but they are still setting up and other mornings the place is still in darkness.

My view on this is its highly unprofessional and will be loosing them customers; if you are never sure if they are going to be open or not, you stop turning up and go elsewhere. Given the area they are in and the type of cafe they are I would have thought breakfast was a key sales opportunity for them. I suspect they will not survive long.

I know in the early days of Urban Coffee the managers wanted to close early if it was quiet and I insisted we didn’t do that because you can guarantee a customer will turn up to find the place closed prior to the advertised opening hours. My advice is, even if you are quiet always stick to your advertised opening hours.